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Need A New Home Buyer Or Seller’s Pre-Listing Inspection in San Diego for your home, condo or commercial property?

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New Home Buyer and Seller Pre-Listing Inspections

San Diego Commercial and Home Inspection Services you can rely on – unbiased, thorough, fully documented, prompt, and on YOUR schedule. We are professional property and home inspectors near you, everywhere in San Diego County! Our business is built on trust, integrity, and ensuring you have all the information available about one of the largest investments you will make. Choosing the right business or home inspector can cut thousands of dollars off repair charges, give you an in-depth understanding of the property or your new home, and help you decide whether you should close a deal.

We’re here to help you make sure your investment is secure! At Mountains 2 Sea Home Inspections we provide current cutting-edge technology to ensure you 100% disclosure of what we find, and everything is documented with high-resolution pictures. We want you to have the most detailed information possible, to allow you to make informed choices about buying or selling a home or property.

You have made a wise decision to have a home inspection on your new home. When we are purchasing or selling a home, we all want the same thing – a thorough, independent, certified, professional home inspection with unshakable confidence in the inspection report findings.

No matter which side of the “For Sale” sign you’re on, a quality home inspection is essential. If you’re buying, you want to know that the home you are considering is safe and sound. You want to avoid unwelcome and costly surprises. If you’re selling your home, you will need to make a full disclosure of any deficiencies to build trust with your buyer. You’ll want to know what, if any, repairs to make so you can market your home most effectively. At Mountains 2 Sea Home Inspections, we will find what others missed and help you look past the distractions and emotions to allow you to make clear and informed decisions. We work with Agents too!

Home Inspections in all of San Diego County, from the Mountains to the Sea.

New Home Buyers

We find and report the hidden or undisclosed material defects in your new property. This is our #1 most requested inspection service.

Knowing What You Have

If your inspector gives you good news — you can confidently move ahead — confident that NO SURPRISES lay ahead in the immediate future, and you’ve found true value for your real estate investment.

Pre-Listing Inspections

A Pre-Listing inspection will help sellers prioritize which improvements and upgrades to complete before listing

Prioritize Improvements

You can update the parts of your home that are in most crucial need of repair and bypass less important upgrades.  Buyers aren’t just looking for cosmetic upgrades. They also want to know that your home’s major systems are in good shape.

Negotiating Power

Knowing the issues that come up during the home inspection, you can price fairly, and buyers can offer accordingly

No Surprises

If you’ve already factored the need for a new roof into your listing price and you make that clear upon receiving the initial offer, buyers are less likely to come back and try and get you to lower the price further.

Time Saved for Everyone

You won’t have to worry about a lot of renegotiating once an impartial home inspection is completed.

Reduces Stress

Your detailed and photo-documented home inspection provides clear and concise information about the actual condition of the home and can be relied on in the decision-making by both buyer and seller.

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Our Purpose

We do Commercial and Home Inspections for our clients with the same care and attention to detail that we would use if we were doing the inspection for ourselves. Home Inspections that matter, for our clients who care.  As an InterNACHI Certified COMMERCIAL and HOME inspection company, we provide our customers with a thorough inspection, and a detailed, easy to understand, and well-documented home inspection report (usually the SAME DAY) that includes the structural, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems of the home as well as 6 other major areas using the InterNACHI Standards of Practice, and a quality of service that is unmatched.

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We provide you with real-world, accurate, and documented results to help you with your property decision.

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Inspecting homes In San Diego County - From Mt. Laguna to the Pacific Ocean

We'll inspect your home or Commercial Property and share our findings with you to ensure you have the best and most accurate information about the property!

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We use the contact information that you put into our forms for the sole purpose of contacting you to discuss your inspection needs, and to deliver your home inspection report. We respect your privacy, both as a company and on a personal level as your home inspector. As such, we DO NOT distribute, sell, or otherwise abuse your personal or contact information. Your privacy is important to you, and your privacy is important to us as well. Our Privacy Policy

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