At Mountains 2 Sea Home Inspections we provide current cutting-edge technology to insure you 100% disclosure of what we find. We want you to have the most detailed information possible, to allow you to make informed choices about buying or selling a home. You have made a wise decision to have a home inspection on your new home.

When we are purchasing or selling a home, we all want the same thing – a thorough, independent, certified, professional home inspection with unshakable confidence in our findings. In order for you to have the best inspection possible here are some important things you need to know!

Have Utilities On

The California Residential Purchase Agreement states “Seller shall have water, gas, electricity and all operable pilot lights on for Buyer’s investigations and through the date possession is delivered to Buyer.”

This means that it is the seller’s responsibility to ensure that water heaters and furnaces be operating and functional when we arrive. Please make sure that ALL utilities will be on at the time of inspection. This includes the gas service, water service, and electricity utility. Contact SDG&E.

If the water heater is off, the inspectors can not turn on the water heater, and will not be able to test for hot water at sinks and faucets.

Make sure all parts of the home are accessible

The seller should have all attic hatches, crawlspaces, electrical panels, gates, etc. unlocked and accessible. Inspectors can not be liable for moving furniture or personal items.

California Business Code 9.3 7195 describes a home inspection as a non-invasive examination. Our job is to evaluate the house as we find it, not as it could be.

Secure Your Pets

We love pets! However, we want to make sure all pets on the property are kept safe. As well as our inspectors. Please make sure that all pets are away from the property if possible, or, in a secured location. Even the most friendly pet can quickly become territorial. We are also in and out of the property a lot, opening doors, and windows can not be responsible for pets on the property. And even if we do our best, there are often 3rd party inspectors, contractors, or friends of the buyers present and we can not be held responsible for other people entering and exiting the property.

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